Oct. 17-21: Sound the Alarm for Kids One-Year Anniversary Week of Action

One year ago, the Children’s Hospital Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, and American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry declared the kids’ mental health crisis a national emergency and launched Sound the Alarm for Kids. Now, we’re celebrating our achievements over the last 12 months and using this week of action to urge further legislative action that will finally end this crisis.

Ways to Participate

Video Testimonial: Submit a video explaining why solving the youth mental health crisis is so important to you. Use one of the prompts below and your video could appear on the Sound the Alarm website during our anniversary celebration. Help us show how many unique voices are committed to finding solutions to the ongoing emergency.

  • Suggested Prompts: “I’m a mental health advocate because…”, “De-stigmatizing mental health is important to me because…”, “Acting on the youth mental health crisis is important to me because…”.
  • Suggested Length: 60-90 seconds

Calendar of Events

Below is a calendar of events our partner organizations are hosting over the week. Keep checking back for more updates.

Monday, October 17:

  • Check back soon!

Tuesday, October 18:

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Wednesday, October 19:

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Thursday, October 20:

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Friday, October 21:

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